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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i know i should be about ten years younger to wear this t-shirt but i totally am a seth girl.

Monday, October 4, 2004

i started off the first weekend of the month with a bang. literally. my first taxi accident ever. don't worry, there are no scrapes or whiplash or anything. even better was when we got out of our cab (since our driver was busy fighting with the guy he hit) and got into a new cab, our driver came running over to us screaming that we owed him the taxi fare. "five dollars! you owe me five dollars!" my friend tried to explain we didn't owe him anything because he nearly killed us (ok, slight exaggeration, but there's trauma, people!). we tried to bargain him down to three dollars but he wouldn't stand for it and our new driver said he wouldn't drive away until we paid the man his fare. we finally gave in even though he made the ridiculous accusation that it was my friend's fault because he was "playing with mirror." completely false by the way.

my saturday was dedicated to celebrating the 28 years and 364 days my wonderful roommate has been on this earth. i've known michele since she was a cute little nine-year-old with a boy's haircut who slept with a stuffed bear named big al. we've matured (a little) and lived through crushes from tom cruise and kirk cameron to pimply-faced boys with mullets and a fondness for 80s hair bands to those asshole bar boys who say they'll call and never do. all in all i'd say she's turned out to be a fine 29-year-old. and it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if she, gail and i wound up as old biddies in florida a la dorothy, rose and blanche eating midnight cheesecake and lying out on the lanai. just as long as i get to be the slutty one. anyway, since michele is now a student again, what better way to celebrate a birthday than with all day drinking. we first filled our bellys at the delicious norma's at the parker meridien hotel and then rolled ourselves onto the subway and to the always fun bohemian beer hall in astoria. from 2 to 12, a bunch of us drank ourselves silly, outlasted the rain, listened to czech music, took funny pictures, spilled secrets, discussed foreskins and lack thereof, drunk dialed and asked a table of finance guys the difference between making out and hooking up. apparently michele and i are the only ones using the terms incorrectly.

sunday was spent fixing the damage done saturday night, regretting not knowing until 7 pm about an all day gilmore girls marathon and watching the giants advance to a 3-1 record. here's a little more on tough coach coughlin.

here's one of the most disturbing articles i've read in a while: what rich nyc teens will do to look prettier.

and on a final note, i may have to see the spongebob squarepants if only for the soundtrack.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

if only that camera wasn't in the way

it's september in new york, which means i have us open fever. of course sunday was the only cold/cloudy day of the weekend, but michele and i braved the winds of our high-up seats to watch three excellent matches. serena kicked ass in less than an hour, andy roddick also won in straight sets and then my favorite (i feel a bond since we share the same birthday, year and all), jennifer capriati also advanced. but besides the excitement in arthur ashe stadium, we avoided the overpriced food and walked around to watch] a few players practicing for their matches the next day. i saw no celebrities, but i'm hoping their holding out for when i'm there tomorrow night to watch agassi and federer go head to head.

while on the subway ride back from queens, michele and i debated what would be a good thing to do on a sunday night of a long weekend. head to delaware of course! after a bit of traffic on the road and some show tunes singalongs, we were greeted with rum ryan'sdelicious rum runners complete with fresh strawberries. we oohed and aahed over his cd palace, put our drinks in "to go" cups and headed over to dead presidents where we met up with newly engaged tad and esteban, who likes to take misleading photos of drunk girls. the best part of the night might be that michele and my tab together came to 18 dollars. ah, how i love the first state. the worst part of the night might be when i spilled michele's full rum and coke on the living room floor. ryan, you might want to move the couch to make sure no ants are getting drunk on your bacardi.

i wanted to link to this article as my ipod obsessed story of the week, but the times is making me pay for it. it's all about the joys, confusion and embarrassment of shuffle. lately, mine fancies the new pornographers, spoon and stevie wonder.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

last weekend started off with margaritas, wet burritos and then beers with delaware peeps and ended with a whirlwind trip around denver. it was a close call whether i was going to make our 6:20 am flight to begin with, but thankfully michele was sober and persistent and managed to drag me out of bed after about 10 minutes of me arguing with her that it wasn't time to get up yet and that i had to "get up to play volleyball." to my credit, i woke up at 3:50 and was ready to go by 4:02 and the only thing i forgot to pack was my toothbrush. never mind that i was holding on to the walls as i walked down the hallway or that i passed out the second my butt hit the plane seat. jared was a gracious host when we arrived in denver and gave us a personal tour of coors field, home of the rockies. he even threw us a party that night, took us on a hike around the garden of the gods, drove us to chipotle, pointed us in the direction of breckenridge, drove us to the bottom of pike's peak (it would have taken two hours to get to the top) and made sure our skin got lots of sunshine. all in all it was a great trip, even if no one in denver knows what iced coffee is or if it's really hard to breathe way up in the rockies. the key is rehydrating, kids.

continuing in my "last week of summer" festivities, i just got back from the giantslast preseason game. here's hoping they play a little harder when it really counts. michele did an excellent job on the grill but our meal was disrupted by the porn soundtrack coming from the minivan parked next to us. a bunch of big, fat, old guys decided it was worth paying the 15 dollars' parking fee (and $75 ticket fee) to put a porn dvd in their van's dvd player and watch it at full volume rather than go into the game. granted we didn't get into the stadium till the third quarter, but we had moo cows to eat.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

a funny story about a man quitting his ipod cold turkey. i shudder to think.

and in honor of watching "the station agent" the other night, here's a story on little people actors demanding respect.

and just because: bob saget is god.

Monday, August 23, 2004

finally a beautiful sunday afternoon, which was spent walking across the brooklyn bridge. i had been meaning to do this for the last few years. it's much more pedestrian friendly than the gw, which michele and i walked last summer. once we crossed into brooklyn, we found our way to a park on the pier and watched a girls' step team stomp their stuff, got some ice cream at the world-famous brooklyn ice cream factory and watched a wedding taking place outside at the river cafe

i also spent saturday afternoon at a bridal shower. for the most part, it was a lot of fun but i heard more than my share of comments about whether i was ok about being 28 and nowhere near ready for marriage. i even had a woman telling me about this "really hot" orthodox guy who lives in her building. i nodded, thinking there was going to be a story involved, but then she said, "are you observant?" i looked at her like she was crazy and said not at all. then the girl sitting next to me, who happened to be my age but acted about 15 years older, said, "well, are you willing to be?" for the record, i am not.

and now to the links...the adl along with a jewish group are none too pleased with ali g. apparently, his episode a few weeks ago where borat gets a group of unknowing antisemites to sing along with "throw the jew down the well" got people a little worried.

gawker interviews new jersey's own ted leo.

here's an interesting story about how a tribe counts when they have no words for the numbers.

can someone please explain to me how there is a market for a world famous stolen painting? i don't understand what the thieves can do with the painting now that the world knows it's stolen.

another reason why new york doesn't want the rnc: homeless people are having to leave their usual haunts.

and in other village voice news, i'm not the only one who can't ever afford nyc.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

so earlier tonight a friend of mine told me about a second wilco show at radio city that was just announced. so i dutifully spent too much money for seats to sit far, far away. it's all for the rock though, kids.

besides knowing that both madonna and britney are obsessed and that target had the audacity to charge $25 for those stupid red strings bracelets, i never really knew much about kabbalah or the kabalah center in midtown. well, this week's voice has a great article about it and makes you wonder whether it's a cult or not. after reading bee seasona few years ago, i was a bit intrigued how kaballahists (is that a word?) use that whole number thing to figure things out, and sort of found it fascinating, but not when the whole celebrity bandwagon is going to jump on it as the new scientology.

three days till opening ceremonies! and for michael phelps to make it into the history books.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

the oc is getting its own peach pit!

from the onion: cia asks bush to discontinue blog.

i saw garden state last night. amazing. it was one of those movies i didn't want to end. i'm not sure if would compare it to "the graduate" like many articles i've read keep doing, but i had butterflies, people. twice! i also must own the soundtrack.

once again i got shut out of a wilco show today. though this time i'm not as bitter. radio city is cool and all but jeff would have been too far away to properly ogle.

i also had to share that my new eyeglasses prescription has me feeling like i'm on acid. apparently it has something to do with my newly diagnosed astigmatism, but basically when i look down at the sidewalk when walking, it's as if i'm in a fun house. the ground is about a foot higher than it should be, and i look like a midget. i keep overstepping the sidewalks and have to hold onto railings when i go down stairs. the doctor said it should go away in a few days. but i can't wait to drive with these things on!

Monday, August 2, 2004

another weekend, another hangover. but i definitely worked for it this time. an excellent yankee game against the pitiful orioles and then the wonderful astoria beer garden with catherine, ryan, esteban, ed, mugsy, christina, nancy, carrie and my two cool roommates, gail and michele. from the little that i remember, the highlights would be: playing leap frog in the middle of the beer garden stage, constantly telling michele to stop talking, "what percentage of your outfit did you make?" christina and me being picked up by ryan in tandem and then swung around, making friends with some random czech guys who's only english was "pilsner urquell," spilling a whole beer on ed and then running away as fast as i could, telling an entire path train about an $80 hair dryer that was also a vibrator and grilled cheese maker, and somehow thinking it was a good idea for all the women of the group to let cormi take cleavage shots. that's hot. what was even smarter was my roommates, esteban and i continuing the night at two more bars once we got back to the boken. thankfully beer was only had at duffy's, and i got in my buck hunter quota for the weekend at louise and jerry's. since i havent' figured out the problem with my image hosting site yet, check out my pics on ophoto. hopefully this link will work. someone tell me if it's screwy.

the other highlight to my weekend was the fact that a whole crew of us managed to procure tickets to the now sold-out gbv new year's show in the windy city. their last show ever, people. this is going to be a hangover of monumental proportions. and yet another most documented weekend in existence.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

the highlight of my day was reading the ridiculous amount of comments written by claymates in response to ryan's negative review of clay aiken's show at the delaware state fair. of all the things ryan posts about, i am shocked that this would be the item to elicit the most response. who knew there were so many wackos down in delaware who take their cheesy pop so seriously?

last week i went to a screening of the bourne supremacy. i still haven't seen the first one, but this one was excellent. everything a spy/action/blockbuster film should be. it made you dizzy and excited and not a bit confused, all at the same time. complete with a stellar chase scene.

in other movie news, i finally watched saved this weekend. i was dying to see it when it was in theaters, thinking it would be a clever teen movie. it sort of started out that way, but got pretty freakin' stupid toward the end. there were a few good lines, and that kid from "almost famous" is seriously such a cutie. i say wait for cable for this one.

if you haven't already guessed, my dvd player was getting a workout this weekend (this is what happens when you drink too much/late friday night and it's a gross, gross saturday). a male co-worker loaned gail the first season of gilmore girls. yes, i said male co-worker. now, for the past four years or however long it's been on, i had no desire to watch it. who knew sally struthers has a role? but now i can say it will be the first wb show added to my fall tv repertoire. cheesy, yes. sort of over the top at times, of course. addictive, absolutely.

as much as i wanted to see that amish documentary on cinemax a few years ago, i couldn't convince myself to watch "amish in the city" tonight. but for those of you who are interested, the times tells you all about it.

rolling stone gives drag it up only two stars. boo, rolling stone, boooooo!

Monday, July 19, 2004

in honor of apple's announcement today that basically says i paid 100 dollars more than i needed to for an ipod that is now outdated, which holds only 3,000 songs vs. 5,000 songs for the same price and that has a battery lasts four hours less than these new ones, here's a great newsweek story on how much we ipodders love our ipods no matter what.

i kept seeing commercials about this supposed childhood secret that m. night shymalan was carrying around all these years and that he didn't want discovered despite some filmmakers doing a documentary on him. it turns out it was all a marketing ploy for his new movie "the village" and duped journalists are now none too happy.

if anyone out there didn't see last night's six feet under yet, i won't give anything away except that it was the most disturbing hour of television i've seen in a really long time. and i'm not sure entourage did the trick of helping me forget. i think i need to give it a few more episodes before passing judgment. but damn, kevin dillon got old looking.

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